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Established in 1994, Westwood Associates provides management and training consultancy services, specialising in strategic planning and leadership and management development to the professional services sector.

Most partners and senior managers are facing increasing pressure on maximising their use of time and maintaining consistent levels of service delivery. In addition, clients and consumers are more cost conscious and critical. Professional service organisations are therefore seeking to improve internal efficiency and their skill levels at the same time as build long-term client and customer relations.

Westwood Associates offers direct pragmatic help to professional firms to tackle these issues, allowing them to make their businesses successful.  We provide a range of services tailored to the needs of individual clients, delivering benefits that include:

  • clarity of direction and focussed choice of priorities,
  • implementation of operational changes such as the introduction of new structures and flexible team working,
  • clear career progression, succession plans and talent retention, and
  • improved client satisfaction.

With a high quality professional approach, we provide our clients with practical help as well as key skills and expertise.  All our services are customised to concentrate on what each client project will achieve.

We are always happy to have informal initial discussions to talk through proposed projects at no charge(

We publish regular updates on 'What's new' and write a regular blog

Our values
We place considerable emphasis on encouraging our clients to agree core values within their organisations.  It is only fair then that we articulate what we consider are the core values for Westwood Associates.  These include:

  • working in a collaborative way with our clients, listening to what they want to achieve and adapting our services to them,
  • acting with integrity and professionalism, supporting our clients to build on their strengths, grow and develop, and
  • constantly developing and learning ourselves so that we can add value to each client project, whether it be strategic planning or one-to-one coaching.

Client comments
Here is a sample of the feedback we have received from clients at the end of their project with us:-

  • I much enjoyed the good open forum and the ability to be able to discuss a wide cross-section of issues with my colleagues.  This very much helped me to understand their own problems and aspirations which will enable me to work more freely and willingly with them in the future.
  • The programme was very helpful to what we do on a day-to-day basis and will help us to focus more clearly on our clients needs.  It also helped as a useful reminder that at the end of the day, we are in a people business and that these client relationships are crucial.
  • Although individual responsibility was not a key aspect of the review, the day itself and the open discussion of practice issues drew attention to the importance of everyone’s contribution.  This had the result that I took time to consider and re-evaluate my own role in the practice. 
  • The most interesting aspect for me was the opportunity to establish who was broadly of a similar mind to myself in their thoughts for the future strategy of the firm in all its various aspects.  It was also very interesting to see just how many good ideas flow from the non-qualified staff but then perhaps that is not surprising as they are professionals in their particular roles.   The exercise did further fortify my views that a number of my Partners always think they are right even when they do not “get it” at all, some of us are fairly like minded, very few are leaders or trend setters and equally few are real business developers who are comfortable with all the aspects that go with that.