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Developing resilience- the key to professional success
Developing resilience- the key to professional success
Fiona Westwood
Troubador 2010

Book outline
This book is designed to help good professionals who want to do the best job they can for their clients and care about the quality of the services they deliver. It provides them with practical support to get through what is sometimes the hard slog of professional practice. It details what actions they need to take at each stage of their career to build their personal resilience.

It offers leaders and senior managers help with creating and maintaining a culture that allows good professionals to self-manage, enabling them to concentrate their efforts on dealing with underperformers. It also allows people to get the maximum value out of work-based learning and develop the long-term resilience of their organisations.

Key benefits
  • Provides direct and practical help for good professionals to develop their personal resilience set in the context of their everyday practice
  • Allows people to minimise the impact of having other people unfairly critical of them and maximise the positive of their work-based learning
  • Enables people to be clear about their career choices and take control of their progression from novice to master
  • Details how leaders and senior managers can create a culture of high performance and build a resilient organisation
  • Explains the crucial role that educators and professional bodies play in the development of professional character
Model for Success

Model for Success

The Model for Success, based on working with and research into successful professional firms, is developed in detail in the two books outlined below.

Achieving Best Practice
Achieving Best Practice - shaping professionals for success
Fiona Westwood
McGraw Hill 2001

Book outline
Professionals are under pressure. The market is more competitive, client loyalty is a thing of the past and professional expertise is increasingly being scrutinised. Based on extensive work with a broad range of professional organisations, this book shows how to succeed in the face of such challenges. It addressed leadership, effective management, resource analysis, client focus and strategies for growth and change.

It bridges the gap between management theory and practice and focuses specifically on the needs of professionals. It presents a five stage Model of Success which gives readers the tools to manage themselves and their organisation.

Key benefits:
  • Practical and directly relevant to the professions
  • Allows readers to benchmark themselves against successful professional service organisations
  • Examples from a broad range of professions, both in the public and private sector
  • Shows readers how to diagnose key problems and set clear priorities for action

Accelerated Best Practice
Accelerated best practice - implementing success in professional firms
Fiona Westwood
Troubador Publishing Ltd Nov 2008

Book outline
All professionals are under pressure to implement change. They face increased competition and external regulations. Their clients have become more demanding and critical. Quality work is at a premium with senior people moving between organisations. Professional service firms must find a way to respond positively to these pressures. Success stems from developing the ability to take control and make change happen.

This book is based on current research into successful professionals organisations. It develops the five key elements of the Model for Success. These include operational management, strategic leadership, and client and people development.

Key benefits
  • Allows readers to implement strategic and operational change quickly and successfully
  • Succinct and practical help based on contemporary research
  • Includes case studies, applied techniques and tools to put theory into practice

Book reviews

"A writer whose knowledge of managing professionals clearly comes from first hand experience. The book provides a well set out and comprehensive toolkit to manage any business of professionals. The author details how a strong framework can be implemented that will allow the flexibility required to successfully and effectively manage professionals.
 A must for anyone who is facing the challenge of managing professionals in any discipline providing clear concise and practical advice. The book takes the reader step by step through the implementation of a management process with really useful action points. A very practical book indeed."
Property and Construction Manager

"Accelerated Best Practice provides an essential toolkit for all professionals managing professional services firms. Faced with ever changing challenges to the successful delivery of the business service offer, this book introduces the idea of a model for success and gives succinct and practical guidance on how to implement strategic and operational change in your organisation.
The book is realistic in identifying the challenges faced by an organisation aiming to achieve best practice in service delivery and should be a prerequisite read before starting out on the road to successful implementation."
Senior Civil Engineer, UK Transport Consultancy

"Lawyers are trained to deliver expert legal advice but many of us are ill equipped with business skills which hinders our ability to improve efficiency, develop leadership skills, grow our practices and increase profits. Fiona's expertise as a Lawyer and Business coach has inspired our practice to become much more "business street wise ". If you haven't read Fiona's book, you won’t know your SWOT from your USP's !!"
Managing partner running a local regional law practice

"For a firm wanting to move forward fast, this would be the perfect model"
Tutor on post-graduate vocational skills course

"A logical and concise guide on how to achieve success and maintain standards."
Experienced private practice accountant

"Achieving Best Practice is a rarity amongst management manuals in that it is directed specifically at the problems of managing a professional practice. It is refreshingly direct and full of observations drawn from extensive experience in this area"
Peter Walton, Editor World Accounting Report

"I liked the book. It was well organized, tightly written with very readable prose, and neither overwhelmed nor intimidated the reader ...I particularly liked the Conclusions and Key Action Points. It reinforced exactly what you wanted the reader to take from each chapter"
Senior Partner Global Surveyors Practice

"This book creates order out of chaos. The practical no hype advice by Fiona Westwood on how to build, manage and develop an efficient firm is a great prop. The Partners have a benchmark to confidently harness resources to continue to serve our clients effectively"
Tom Gilchrist, former Managing Partner, CRGP, Architects and Surveyors

"An absolute 'must' for all Professionals - Fiona's outstanding common sense and practical effective advice shines through - the world is changing - go out and buy the book today and tell your friends about it!"
Senior Partner, Chartered Accountant firm